Paper Wedding Invitations Are Still Important

Skip the digital invitations, paper wedding invitations are still important.

So you’re planning your wedding and getting advice from everyone in Facebook-land on where to order. Many of them suggest discount places because “it’s just paper” and “they will end up in the trash anyways.” Well guess what else will? Leftover food, dead flowers, ripped apart wedding favors (you know, the little boxes with mints that get scattered all over the table), half empty beers, and so on. You see, you can’t make all aspects of your wedding live forever, so why skip on one of the only tangible items your guests will receive? Paper wedding invitations are still important.

In this digital age, things tend to get lost. I know I am guilty of forgetting about an event or party because the info gets lost in my long list of unanswered personal emails. When your friends and family members get an actual paper invitation in the mail they’re going to hold on to it and use it as their guide to book hotel rooms, plan their GPS route and know the name of who in the heck you are marrying. This little package you send them gives them everything they need to have the best possible experience at your wedding by being on time and in the right location.

Sure, you could have them designed and printed at a discount place online but, unless you’re confident you know what needs included on the invitation, you might leave something off. You could also have an online wedding website to have people RSVP, but there are still so many people, like older relatives, that become overwhelmed with wedding websites.

This is where the professional stationery designer comes in. I’ve designed hundreds of wedding invitations so I know how to word things properly and offer suggestions on what to include and what not to include. For instance, I bet you didn’t know it’s considered tacky to include your wedding registry on the printed invitation? And did you know that a square invitation costs more than a rectangle invitation to mail?

The form you fill out after purchasing an invitation from The Wedding Collection or booking a Custom Designed Invitation gives me the information for all the possible scenarios of wording you need to include. Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, I hear it from brides time and time again. Hiring a trusted, local stationery designer is just like hiring a photographer or videographer. We shouldn’t be an afterthought. We need to be there from the beginning to guide you along the way and offer our professional advice. I love helping brides and learning all about you as a couple. Making your wedding day as special and as beautiful as I can is my favorite part of my job!

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